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Hello Everyone!!


Left to Right: Matt, Bonnie, Holly

Hello loyal patrons, beer lovers, and future guests of Winchester Brew Works! Many brewery owners, including Bonnie and Holly, will tell you that brewing is not all fun and games. Beneath all the pints and flowing taps there is a significant amount of paper work, planning, and public relations. Together they keep the brewery ticking like clock-work but not without a huge time burden on the two wonderful owners, that is where I come in.

Hello! My name is Matt. This article is to briefly introduce myself and to let everyone know I will be helping with the brewery’s social media and PR outreach. I am a recent graduate of Shippensburg University with a BS in English with a Concentration in Writing. This degree has given me insight in to PR management and the development of social media writing, skills that I plan to use here. I am an avid beer drinker, newly found homebrewer, creative writer and animal lover just as a quick introduction. I hope to be a conduit of information for the brewery and a substantial help to Bonnie, Holly and the rest of the WBW team.

Check back on the blog and Facebook for great stories, interviews and upcoming events. Follow our Instagram for fun, photogenic updates and our Twitter for events, facts and fun. Don’t forget to check-in and find us on Untappd! Have questions, comments or concerns? Feel free to contact us at

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The time has come… for hiring!

We are seeking some motivated, outgoing, knowledgeable part-time beer servers for our tasting room – this will allow us to focus even more on making and promoting our beer! Don’t worry, you’ll still see the owners around behind the bar.

If you’re interested in applying, please fill out the job application below and send it (with a resume if you’d like) to or drop it off at the brewery by 9 pm Monday, July 25, 2016.

Winchester Brew Works Job Application

Beertender Job Responsibilities:

Providing patrons with information about beer and brewing to aid in decision making and atmosphere; keep dishware and merchandise stocked; correctly keep open tickets for patrons and charge them when done.

Beertender Job Duties:

  • Prepares room for opening by setting tables and chairs, cleaning tables, bar, and floor.
  • Protects establishment and patrons by adhering to sanitation, safety, and alcohol beverage control policies.
  • Helps patrons select beverages by presenting menu; suggesting varieties that align with patrons preferences, and answering questions about brewing and beer selection.
  • Updates beer list board and tap markers.
  • Pours beverages correctly and fills growlers.
  • Responds to additional patron requirements by friendly inquiry.
  • Maintains bar setting by removing glassware as completed; refilling water glasses; being alert to patron spills or other special needs.
  • Frequent bending/stooping to load dishware into warewashing machine.
  • Obtains revenues by totaling charges; issuing bill; accepting payment; returning change or credit card and signature slip to patrons.
  • Contributes to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed.
  • Must be able to constantly stand during shift and lift/carry up to 50 pounds.
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A little introspection

Sorry for so much radio silence lately, but we have been so. busySo busy in fact, that I’ll have to write another blog post later telling our tales of an auction dishwasher, picking up 2 pallets-worth of glassware from Bal’more and constructing our bar. But about this blog post…

We are working very hard on getting closer and closer to making beer. But that’s actually what brings me to my thought for today: why this? Why open a brewery?

Next time, more cheese and more sausage. Said everyone always.

Next time, more cheese and more sausage. Said everyone always.

I come from the corporate world. The corporate world of manufacturing – a world rife with union clashes, FDA regulation, and cost-cutting in the easy ways, not always the right ways. I won’t lie, it’s a big driver for pushing me into entrepreneurship. Although actually, it’s something I’ve been questing after my whole life. I was one of those children who was always trying to get the best deal (I reminisced at Staples today about school supply rebates I used to mail in) and looking for little things to make a dollar (i.e. keep me busy). But today, although I really appreciate getting to work under my own decisions, the consequences of making the wrong choice can be heart-wrenching. I have to try to think hard about living in the present and being grateful for how far we’ve come and that we have this opportunity at all so that I don’t get pulled into second-guessing and regretting every little detail. In the end, I usually tell people that I have known forever that I wanted to own a business. Combine that with my experience and education in manufacturing and a brewery actually makes a lot of sense. I’m certainly not going to go out and start my own pharmaceutical manufacturing plant or oil refinery. Maybe next year.

So the business-bug combined with my love of cooking, food, beverage, and all things culinary really made this venture feel right. The picture to the left that your mouth has been watering to is a beautiful tray of sausage kolaches made from scratch. I had no idea before I made these that kolaches are pretty much a Czech-Texan invention and don’t exist outside of TX (my homeland). Well, Virginia, if you’re lucky – I’ll bake for you.

Speaking of decisions that we might regret, one big decision came to fruition this week when our equipment finally arrived from out west. Now we’re stuck with it! In hopefully another week or so, we’ll start running water tests on it and get it cleaned and passivated – a process where an acid creates an inactive (passive) layer on the stainless steel to inhibit staining and rust. This week we’ve been ordering the rest of our equipment – shortly we will actually have a working brewery. Or so I dream all day and night.

Now for a pretty picture:

It's like we're going to have a wedding.

It’s like we’re going to have a wedding.

In other news, we procured a paint sprayer, so now we can prime and paint our chipped-gum-covered-auction chairs! They’ll be good as new. Also, if you stick gum to ANYTHING inside our tasting room, we will blacklist you.

It’s a good thing we have so many chairs to paint since the Tax and Trade Bureau is still working on approving our permit. They’ve had it since June. But we’re trying to stay patient. It should seriously be any day now. Like, any minute now. Like, please? Now?

Well, we should have more fun pictures coming in the future once we can get all our equipment into place and start playing with it. We’re a little behind schedule and have been pretty quiet this last month, but stay tuned – we’re still moving forward.

Sincerely yours,

Bonnie: one of the brew crew, aka Mad Scientist

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Kickstarter, y’all!

We spent the first part of this weekend filming for our upcoming Kickstarter (more details to come SOON, I promise) and we are pretty darn excited.  There’s just so many mysteries to be solved in a few short minutes of video.


Mystery #1: What ponderously-oversized fantasy novel is Arthur reading?

The book was supposed to be a prop, but he's keeping it to read.

The book was supposed to be a prop, but he’s keeping it to read.


Mystery #dos: What’s on the front of Holly’s shirt?  Hint: eagles.

Eagles, and mountains, and great pine forests.

Eagles, and mountains, and great pine forests.


Mystery part C: Who let Bonnie into the secret chemical storage facility?

Bonnie was in charge of all Kickstarter-related science.

Bonnie was in charge of all Kickstarter-related science.


Mystery IV: Is it possible to lose yourself in the mere photo of a man?

Don't look too long. The withdrawal can be fatal.

Don’t look too long. The withdrawal can be fatal.


So get excited, guys! Big things are happening, and pretty soon we’ll have honest-to-goodness taproom progress to show off.  Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter – our first mailing will go out tomorrow, and you will want to be in the know when all the fun stuff starts to happen.

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A little window shopping

We did a little window shopping the other day, for ideas and to scope out future sources for decorations and ingredients.


Really. Window shopping.

We started out the day at the Winchester City Market, a relatively new (and great!) addition to the downtown walking mall.

It's not today. It was Saturday, but this post is today. I apologize for the confusion.

It’s not today. It was Saturday, but this post is today. I apologize for the confusion.

Bonnie and Holly were mostly interested in getting familiar with the produce spread, though we aren’t currently planning to have a tomato beer when we open, so I’m not sure what Bonnie was getting distracted by.

Thinking about tomato sandwiches, I guarantee it.

Thinking about tomato sandwiches, I guarantee it.

After the market, we took a little trip down to Front Royal to visit a place we had heard rumors about.

Worth the drive.

Worth the drive.

It’s a house salvage place called “Architectural Old House Parts,” and it’s full of magic.

Told you we were window shopping.

Told you we were window shopping.

If you’re in the Front Royal area, I highly suggest stopping by this place.  Great inventory – we will almost certainly be back through here.


As a sidenote, we stopped for a “research” trip to the cool little spot Pavemint Taphouse in town, and had a delightful lunch.  I even met a 96-year-old woman who told me how she traded her Oldsmobile in at the dealership that used to run out of the building, and then bought it back a month later.  And then bought a Jaguar 2 months after that.  Definitely the kind of person I could be friends with.

Keep checkin’ in, we’ll keep you up to date on what’s going on!  And with it being (again) just beautiful outside today, you should head down to the downtown mall, walk around, and maybe strike up a conversation with a stranger.  You never know what stories they’ll have to tell.

Bring an adorable dog. Then other people will strike up the conversation for you.

Bring an adorable dog. Then other people will strike up the conversation for you.

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Well, hello there!


Who knew opening a brewery would be so much work?

We’ve got some great plans for the Big Gray Box we currently inhabit.

We’re hard at work at 320N Cameron, doing all the important government-y things we have to do for the physical rehabilitation of our space.  Important, CRUCIAL elements like a 30-foot-long bar, and silly nonsense like bathrooms and doors.

We know you’re eager to see and hear more from us, and apparently drink our beer…unfortunately, the last one will have to wait.

But!  You will be following along with us as we get into the real nitty-gritty, interesting parts.  Get excited, tell your friends, and maybe find yourself a patio to drink on this afternoon – it’s gorgeous out.

Love the valley, love the flora.

Love the valley, love the flora.