Winchester Brew Works

About Us

Our team of owners consists of 2 couples brought together by a mutual love of engineering and beer, which naturally translated into homebrewing. While homebrewing and enjoying the thriving brewery scene in Virginia, somehow we decided that opening our own 3-barrel nano-brewery in Old Town Winchester would be an exciting adventure. We’re currently the only majority woman-owned and -brewed establishment in the state of Virginia (well, at least as far as we’ve been able to determine), which is pretty excellent. We love the Shenandoah Valley and we really love beer. We love beer so much that we think it should be made right here in Old Town.  Women brewing in Virginia is nothing new – even before Thomas Jefferson made any beer at Monticello, his wife Martha was brewing small batches of beer every two weeks. Ok – so, women in brewing is awesome and all, but that’s not all we’re about.

Our Grand Opening was May 7th, 2016 and we are constantly honing our craft and putting together new, inventive recipes to bring you the best tasting room experience possible. We are eternally grateful to all our founders from our Kickstarter project which ran in Fall 2015 and helped fund our tasting room build-out.



Bonnie Landy – Brewer and etc.

Bonnie is a chemical engineer who was working with fermentation at a HUGE pharmaceutical company for over 5 years before deciding that she would rather be her own boss. She likes science and spreadsheets and stuff. It’s not unusual for her to whip out her thermodynamics textbook for reference. She works on developing recipes with the rest of the team and executing them, which mostly equals cleaning and mopping all the time. When not wearing her pink rubber boots, she’s enjoying her hobbies including outdoor activities (mostly hiking and biking) and arts and crafts. She and Arthur are still trying to figure out where the pottery wheel will go in the brewery.





Holly Redding – Taproom Manager+

Holly has extensive experience in customer service, marketing, and she smiles a lot. She is without a doubt the friendliest one of the bunch. Although originally from North Carolina, she has come to call the Shenandoah Valley home, but you can still catch hints of her native twang as she serves up our brews behind the bar. Besides slingin’ suds, she also manages to keep our brewery mascot, tiny-human Oliver James Redding, alive and mostly happy.