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Hello Everyone!!


Left to Right: Matt, Bonnie, Holly

Hello loyal patrons, beer lovers, and future guests of Winchester Brew Works! Many brewery owners, including Bonnie and Holly, will tell you that brewing is not all fun and games. Beneath all the pints and flowing taps there is a significant amount of paper work, planning, and public relations. Together they keep the brewery ticking like clock-work but not without a huge time burden on the two wonderful owners, that is where I come in.

Hello! My name is Matt. This article is to briefly introduce myself and to let everyone know I will be helping with the brewery’s social media and PR outreach. I am a recent graduate of Shippensburg University with a BS in English with a Concentration in Writing. This degree has given me insight in to PR management and the development of social media writing, skills that I plan to use here. I am an avid beer drinker, newly found homebrewer, creative writer and animal lover just as a quick introduction. I hope to be a conduit of information for the brewery and a substantial help to Bonnie, Holly and the rest of the WBW team.

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