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I’m a lumberjack and I’m okay!

This post is not about lumberjacks, but we do have lumber… and a lot of plaid.


We are the Malt Mafia.

The progress we’re making now is feeling really good.¬†We finally nailed down (pun intended) our construction contract and work has started!


Those will be windows into our soul (i.e. the fermenters).

These are the walls at the back of the tasting room space. There will be a small office area (I gotta have somewhere to work on my spreadsheets) and then the fermentation space. These walls will be behind the bar, where we’ll also have a sink and (eventually) a dishwasher. We’ll be running cooled glycol/water through that block wall from the chiller in the back up to the fermentation room, where we have 2 jacketed fermenters and 1 jacketed brite tank on order.


Lonely glass of beer. It needs a friend to … drink it?

We have already made a few changes to our initial plan, some of which hinge around the door sizes (I’m full of puns today). We’re trying to think ahead for bringing in more fermenters and having an easy access path to get them into position.


We’re going to fill all the trenches with water and sail tiny boats on them.

This will be the drains of a new toilet and a new employee shower! We gotta look good to pour you beer…


Also a drain for a mop sink, but no one cares about that.

In other news, we also got new business cards. Yep, we’re legit. Also, in case you haven’t heard (har har) we have a Kickstarter campaign ongoing – it ends this Friday Oct. 2nd, so get in there now if you haven’t!!!

Yes, people still say snazzy.

We think they’re snazzy.

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