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Adventure time!

Those chairs are lonely. Don't worry - they now have 90 friends.

Those chairs are lonely. Don’t worry – they now have 90 friends.

Tuesday was a tough day.  I had to cross the Mason-Dixon line.

It was for a good cause, though.  Anyone who has done anything knows that it’s very easy to go over budget and very difficult to come in under budget.  But we did it, for one item on our very lengthy ‘needs’ list.

We caught a restaurant auction for a Peruvian restaurant and managed to snag chairs and a 3-bay sink.  Only downside – I was the only one available for the single pickup day… which happened to be in Pennsylvania.  The solution: rent the smallest u-haul that can fit everything we bought.

This was me trying to look excited to mask my extreme nervousness of driving a box truck all the way up I-81 by myself.


Arthur claimed those were ‘crazy eyes’.

It was a surprisingly quick trip up to the warehouse where I was very pleasantly surprised to have lots of help with loading the truck, which ended up taking only around 30 minutes.  Even after loading up 2 chairs as passengers, 4 sad straggler chairs had to be left behind…


Looks desolate, no? I suppose it IS Pennsylvania.

A few hours later and I was back in the promised land. Driving a 10′ truck really isn’t so bad.


Also, who knew there was a Lindt chocolate factory outlet on I-81 and didn’t tell me?  Holly and I have a road trip in our future.

Then we had the exciting task of unloading all our goodies while awkwardly parked on Cameron.


We had already unloaded a lot when I took this.

All in all, a successful day.  Now, who wants to help clean and refinish 92 chairs?


There’s gum on the bottom of nearly all of these.

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  1. Gum on the bottom. I thought that only happened in elementary schools! Now if this were Singapore…..

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